Selected Clips


Refinery29: My Mom Voted For Trump — & I Don’t Want Your Pity

Refinery29: My Father Has No Grave — So I Visit Him Where He Lived

Refinery29: Why I’ve Been Engaged For Almost 5 Years

Refinery29: I Didn’t Believe In Power Lipstick — Until I Met This One

KQED POP: Why You and Your Long-Distance Besties Need to Start a Book Club

Dame: My Glimpse Into the Wonderful World of Candida Royalle

The Liberty Project: Call me Jane, Clarissa or Olivia: I have many Starbucks alter egos

The Liberty Project: Young love and why we love to root for TV’s high school sweethearts

The Liberty Project: The ultimate let-down: I love running, just not 5Ks


Broadly: How the Women Behind ‘Landline’ Flipped the Divorce Narrative on Its Head

KQED Pop: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Jump on the Tig Notaro Bandwagon

KQED Pop: How the ‘Felicity’ Rape Episode Was Ahead of Its Time

Misadventures: The Untold Story of Skateboard Pioneers (Pages 20-25)

Dame: Are Black Women Allowed to Claim Self-Defense?

Wilder Quarterly: Winter Wonders: Page 1Page 2Page 3

Politico: Matthew Weiner: ‘Mad Men’ has to end, because people try too hard to ‘perceive the machinery’

Politico: At the Tribeca Film Festival: Directors of ‘In God We Trust’ on Eleanor Squillari, Madoff-scandal heroine

Politico: Richard Hell, and an old girlfriend bearing photos, at Bookmarc

Politico: An evening of Betsey Johnson doing what Betsey Johnson does, and who’s to complain?

Politico: Ken Burns and Sarah Burns, filmmakers behind ‘Central Park Five,’ discuss the film and their fight with the city over it

Politico: Lightning-rod writer Katie Roiphe talks about starting trouble and rethinking feminism

Politico: West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols talks about his new memoir, and moving on

Politico: Respite, and a little roughhousing, on the opening weekend of McCarren Park Pool

Bust: All the Girls Rock Omaha this Week

Useless: Cult of Personalities: Stars Like Fleas Get Faithful

Relate Magazine: Getting Literary with 826: Page 1Page 2


The Rumpus: On Searching For Honesty in Writing: An Interview With Blake Nelson Could Hypnosis Change Your Life?: A Conversation With Hypnotist and Astrologer Sandra Sitron Your Body’s Herbal Allies: A Conversation With Herbalist Denise DeSpirito An Ancient Technique for Releasing Trauma: A Conversation With Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor Jessica Mahler So, You Want to Be an Astrologer?: A Conversation With Astrologer Leslie Galbraith

Bullett: Kathi Wilcox on the Legend of Bikini Kill, Riot Grrrl, and the Chances of a Reunion

Signature: A Match Made in Prison: Q&A with Damien Echols and Lorri Davis

Signature: On Parenting, Childhood, and Gender: A Conversation With Author Jennifer Finney Boylan

Signature: On Swimming and Memory: A Conversation with Author-Illustrator Leanne Shapton

Sadie Magazine: Austra Goes Analog and Likes It: A Conversation With Katie Stelmanis & Maya Postepski

Sadie Magazine: Over the Moon and the Stars With Mayim Bialik

Sadie Magazine: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge for President

Sadie Magazine: Chatting With the Boy Who Wrote Girl: A Conversation With Blake Nelson

Sadie Magazine: Duck Hunting With Francesca Lia Block

Sadie Magazine: Forget Her Not: An Interview With Jennifer Lowe-Anker

Sadie Magazine: A Day in a Studio With Marnie Stern

Sadie Magazine: Hot and Saucy: Candida Royalle’s Top That

Sadie Magazine: On the (G)-Spot: Annie Sprinkle Breaks It Down, and Builds It Up

Sadie Magazine: Ari Ups the Stakes: An Interview With Ari Up of the Slits

Sadie Magazine: Pretty in Ariel Pink

Sadie Magazine: Chairlift: Poetically Bored

Sadie Magazine: The Absolutely True Interview With Sherman Alexie, An Amazing Part-Time Indian

Sadie Magazine: School of Seven Bells: Not Too Close for Comfort

Sadie Magazine: The Goddess of Comics: An Interview With Lauren Weinstein

Sadie Magazine: Juliana Hatfield Spins her Bottle ‘Round Again

Sadie Magazine: Talking the T With Cris Beam

Tom Tom Magazine: The Unstoppable Emily Rems

New York Press: How To Make a New York Band

Greenpoint Gazette: John Waters Comes to Greenpoint

Greenpoint Gazette: The Queen Diva of New Orleans Bounce Shakes it in Brooklyn

Greenpoint Gazette: Simone Pace of Blonde Redhead: An Interview

Jewcy: The Jewcy Interview: Marisa Meltzer

Useless: Cold Water Warriors: Life’s a Beach for Sh-Sh-Sh-Shark Attack!

Travel Writing

Delta Sky Magazine: The Perfect Beach Escape

Cliktrips: Skip Punta Cana and Head to Eco-friendly Cabarete in the Dominican Republic

Refinery29: All-Inclusive Resorts For Your Next Vacay — No Passport Required

Refinery29: The Best Airports In The World — According To Flight Attendants

Refinery29: Where Would You Go If Your Next Trip Was Your Last?

Oral Histories

The Rumpus: An Ode to Maxwell’s

Politico: An oral history of Zebulon, the music club that stepped ‘over the foo-doo of hipster Williamsburg’

Urban Campers for New York magazine’s Bedford + Bowery

The Only Downside to This Camper is It Doesn’t Have a Bathtub

They’re Called The Bushwick Hotel, But They Sleep Inside of ‘RV Keitel’

How Silent Barn Got Its Tiny, Rolling Green Room

Life of a Late-Night Mobile Vintage Vendor: ‘We Get a Lot of Drunkums, We Love That’

This Musician Pays Just $400 a Month For Her (Roach-Free!) Apartment On Wheels

Yup, Even Your Christmas Tree Vendor Is a Chain, But You Gotta Love Em Anyway

The Bushwick Trailer Park Lives On! (Sort Of)

He’s Not Just a Man With a Van; He’s a Man With a Managon

This Corporate Lawyer Lives in an RV Down By the River

Got Student Loans? Sal A. Mander (Actual Name) Has a Plan Involving a Van

This Guy’s Front Porch Is a 42-Year-Old Mustard-Yellow RV

Here’s How The Creeper Got Its Name

This Guy Has a Corner Office, But Only If He Parks It On a Corner


Vice: We Saw This: Speaker

New York Press: Rock, She Wrote: The very necessary new collection of Ellen Willis’ rock ‘n’ roll essays

Signature: Signature Recommends: The Boys of My Youth Turns 15

Signature: A Crash Course on Self-Help: Promise Land’s Jessica Lamb-Shapiro

Signature: Signature Recommends: Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL’s Journey to Coming Out Transgender

Signature: Signature Recommends: To Hell and Back With Harley Loco